If you have been working your butt off to get the body you want, but still don’t have the physique you are working towards, you have come to the right place… FitChick!

My name is Haley and I am an exercise science student, who is an enthusiast about exercise and nutrition. In high cool I started lifting weights and focusing on the proper technique. It wasn’t until recently when I decided to compete in a bikini competition that I turned more of my focus to a healthier diet. You can lift and lift and lift, build muscle, but not see the results you want. When trying to tone, nutrition is one of the biggest aspects. But why do people have such a hard time with eating healthy? With the knowledge I hope I am able to answer that question with a health behavior model.

The purpose of this program is to see if the help of posting nutrition facts and providing recipes will encourage people to start eating healthier and get the body one has always wanted. As a college student I understand what it is like to have all kinds of temptations. You want to have  social life and go out with your friends, which most of the time means getting food. Do you think you don’t make enough money to eat healthy? Well the truth is… there are ways you can still eat healthy and enjoy having your social life and still have that extra money you need.

By coming to my web page you have already started in the right direction!

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