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lets move

Many of our children learn habits from their parents and nutrition is one that is hard for them to control. Most kids these days are busy with sports and other after school activities it’s hard for them to get a balanced meal in for dinner. Lets Move is a great campaign that was started by Michelle Obama that helps to teach kids the importance of a balanced meal and also provides them with meals during school. Michelle Obama has worked with other organization to help the revision of school meal standards. The hopes are for in at least 15 years  schools will provide children with breakfasts and lunches that will contain more whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, and less fat and sodium. The goal is to provide these children with the understanding and knowledge of what to eat and how much of it. She is working with schools starting at kindergarten all the way up to seniors in high school to provide them with the right amount of caloric in take for meals. Although she is solely working with schools the Lets Move campaign is also a great site for parents to go on and see what changes are being made and how it is affecting their children. Remembering back to your school days, what kind of meals did they have for you… pizza, hamburgers, fried food, cookies, nachos, and very little veggies or fruits. Michelle Obama has paired with Let Move Salad Bars to School to help give students healthier options, providing them with fresh vegetables and some fruits to add to their meals or make a salad with. With adding these salad bars to cafeterias it inclines children to choose healthier choices.

Healthy Eating can be done!


Making the right choices can be as easy as 1,2,3 or in Teen Vogues words, 10 steps to eat healthy in college.  Teen Vogue gives you advice from finding something unhealthy and using that as a treat to dinning in with a healthier option. Most dining halls do not want students to take food out but the apples, orange, and bananas are usually okay to take, take some with you as you want out of the dinning hall, I know I did when I lived on campus because the it made it easy to have apples and natural peanut butter when I got hungry later on. One of the biggest things you could do to help stick to eating healthy food and reaching your physique goals faster is listening to your body! Chelsea said it perfectly, when we get bored, we snack and don’t always pick carrots over chips. Listen to your body and see if you are truly hungry are if you are just eating because you’re bored. If you don’t have a ride to the grocery store or just hate going, there are tons on online websites: Fresh Direct, Good Eggs, GrubHub where you can choose the foods you want or get a pre packed box with recipes, so all you have to do is cook. Look to see if your residence hall has a kitchen or somewhere where you can cook your meals, that way you get away from the dinning hall foods and feel like you’ve eaten out. when ever I am on Instagram and I see posts about food and it looks eye appealing, right away I want to click on the page and see what else they have to offer. that was one of Chelsea’s other points, get food-spiration. There are tons of pages on Instagram that give you amazing suggestions and ideas of what to make just like mealprephelp. With meal prepping it helps you to establish a routine, it takes the guess work out of what to make and makes it easy to eat on the go. It also helps you spread out your meals so you get all of your main meals and even snacks!

Fail to Prep, Prepare to Fail



Jessica Arevalo has competed in over 32 bikini competition shows but even in her off season she still meal preps and follows a clean and healthy eating regimen to maintain her physique. In this video she will show you what she buys and other options. She shows her viewers all kinds of meats that she uses as her proteins and when she typically eats them. She also shows you some of her favorite vegetables and also some other options. People can decide that they are going to eat healthy, but giving them a short video that can help them put together a grocery list will give them the extra knowledge they need to start their prepping. Also Jessica Arevalo has her own youtube channel where she has more meal prep videos and even work outs.


Quick and easy!

Fresh Produce, by Dani Spies shows us that prepping can be easy. She shows us that making a full week of food can be easy and can be thrown together in a flash. She shows us a vast majority of vegetables that she consumes and some ideas of meals that she makes with the veggies. She also shows how to make quick salads. She also shows us how to make something as easy as boiled eggs that can be used for the rest of the week. Chicken is a staple when it come to eating healthy, it has a good source of protein and is a lean meat. She tells us a quick and easy way to use chicken through out the week and even how to store it. Chicken is also an easy food to reheat and use in many meals. Dani also has a youtube channel where you can find even more ideas on how to eat healthy in little time.


fresh 15

Nicoteri J.L, Miskovsky M.J. (2013). Revisiting the freshman “15” Assessing body mass index in the first college year and beyond: A peer-review. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners [

Many of us know that when we get to college we gain some weight, otherwise known as the freshman 15. Jo Ann Nicoteri decided  to revisit the Freshman 15 by assessing the body mass index of students through the 4 to 5 years they spend in college. The overall purpose of the study was to assess the weight of students over the period their time in college. They used the standard BMI (body mass index) to determine the status from underweight to obesity. Between the ages of 18 and 29 is when there is an increase in growth for BMI crossing over into the lives of overweight and obese. Freshman year 28 students within the case study were considered overweight and four were obese. when tested the second time, there was an increase of 4 students who transitioned over into the overweight and obese categories. Fourteen students changed from a normal weight to overweight status. Although some people transitioned over into different categories, there was no significant findings about freshman gaining the mythical 15 pounds. one good thing the case study pertained was the multiple tests to gather new information on BMI. A lot of the participants that had records of their starting BMI were nurses, people that have an understanding of BMI and health issues. They also mentioned that Freshman are not given classes or talk about health foods until they get half way through their freshman year once they have already settled into their new habits. Weight gain has been an increasing matter even with young children, but determining if the freshman 15 is in fact a true thing needs to still be researched and tested with a wider range of students.